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How to host a COVID-safe kids’ party

How to host a COVID-safe kids’ party

While this year has had its fair share of ups and downs, that doesn’t mean that your children should miss out on their birthday celebrations and special events. Now that lockdown is behind us, Active Giggles are here to help you and your family enjoy group activities in a safe way, without sacrificing any of the fun. Read on for our guide to planning the ultimate COVID-safe kids party…


How many children can I invite to a kids party?


Currently, Bristol falls into Tier 3, which means that organised sports activities like our Active Giggles Football Parties can continue to operate as normal. This means that your child can spend their party or special occasion with a group of friends, enjoying football games in a safe and organised setting.


What kind of activities can we do?


Even with the current restrictions, there’s still plenty of room for fun. Activities like outdoor treasure hunts are a great way to get the party atmosphere going, and help them burn up some energy at the same time! Whip up a DIY treasure map with the tried-and-tested tea-stains-and-burnt-edges effect on the paper, and take your child on a mission around your home and garden to find their birthday treats. Extra points for donning an eyepatch and pirate accent… ahar!

A birthday walk around local streets is a fun way to help your child see friends who can’t come to a party – the kids can create posters and signs to wave at each other through the windows. 

Zoom parties are also popular, if you plan plenty of interactive activities – briefing the other parents ahead of time can help them to prep any equipment needed, or you could even drop party off to each household the day before with supplies like colouring pencils, notebooks and crafting materials. Then set the challenge on Zoom and watch the chaos commence!


What kind of activities should we avoid?


To keep things safe, it’s best to avoid close-contact games like Chinese whispers or pass-the-parcel. Outdoor activities, or games where children can spread out, means that social distancing can be maintained as much as possible. It’s also important to be mindful of vulnerable friends and relatives, and making sure that everyone feels comfortable with the planned activities ahead of time. Don’t forget to bring along plenty of hand sanitiser, and make sure the children are able to stick to social distancing guidelines within their play.


Is it still safe to have football parties? 


Under current guidance, organised sports activities can operate as normal… so football parties are good to go! 


How are Active Giggles keeping kids parties safe?


Each of our Active Giggles team members are rigorously trained in the latest health and safety requirements, and all are first-aid trained. Your party host will make sure that a full health and safety talk is given before your activity begins, and we’ll have plenty of hand washing stations nearby. 

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