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Book group activities and party games in Bath

For a more indulgent hen or stag do, or a meet up with family or friend in beautiful surroundings we can recommend heading for Bath. As a UNESCO world heritage site, it is undeniably beautiful offering stunning views of the city itself and the rolling hills surrounding it.

This is a great city to get around by foot as it is fairly compact. Explore Milsom Street, SouthGate shopping centre and the city centre for plenty of High Street brands and gorgeous independent shops. And make sure to find time to stop in one of the quaint coffee shops and tea rooms on your route.

Add to that the opportunity to visit plenty of historic sites if that’s your thing or wander the many parks and green spaces if it’s not. And whatever you do, don’t miss out on a visit to one of the fabulous Speakeasys that grace the vaults of several of the beautiful Georgian townhouses.

Great nightlife, check. Stunning surroundings, check. A memorable weekend, check.

But first, don’t forget to book the main event, your crazy fun-filled session with Active Giggles.

Which Active Giggles activities are available in Bath?

Our Bath team has plenty of brilliant group activities to offer.

Choose something from the list below or get in touch so we can help you find the right games to suit everyone in your group:

Bubble Football

Football... but not as you know it

Combat Archery

Think paintball without the paint

Turbo Cricket

It’s just not cricket… it’s something better


Dodge, duck, dip, dive, repeat

Beer Goggle Football

A hilarious way to level the playing field

Sports Day

Classic school sports day with a twist

Foot Golf

Footballs as golf balls and feet for clubs

UV Sports

Team sports in day glo - in the dark


A simply magical experience

Foot Darts

Giant dartboards and penalty kicks

Kids' Football Parties

Perfect for those budding pros

Would you like to join the Active Giggles team?

We have franchises available in Bath and existing contracts ready to go. This is a great new business opportunity with full training and marketing support provided.

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