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5 keys to a great children’s football party

5 keys to a great children’s football party

Children’s football parties are great for kids that want to have fun, play football and burn some energy! Having run thousands of events across Bristol, we know that there are a few key ingredients that go into hosting the BEST kids football party…. let’s take a look:


1. An FA-Qualified Coach

All of our coaches are FA-qualified, and it makes a huge difference to the party experience. Not only do our coaches bring a lot of knowledge and experience to your party, they also have further training specifically on working with children. This means they are fully prepared for any scenario, and have the ability to manage, control and entertain the children – so that they can have the best party experience possible.


2. Focus on Inclusivity

Having something for every child to take home makes a huge difference to how everyone feels on the day. Of course, the birthday child will be awarded a special birthday trophy, but we also provide medals for each child to ensure that no one feels left out. We have found this to be beneficial for both child and parent!


3. Keeping the Pace

The party needs to have the right pace. This means that it needs to be challenging enough for the children so that it is not boring, but relaxed enough so that they are having lots of fun. We achieve this balance through ensuring a mixed variety of activities throughout the birthday party. This not only keeps the children entertained, but also means that so much more than just playing football at the park!


4. A Dedicated Venue

The venue is something that parents will notice. For our children’s football parties are hosted at Goals Bristol South. This venue has ample parking spaces, great changing and toilet facilities, a viewing area for parents, and a bar which stocks soft drinks and refreshments. The venue is clean and tidy, and the pitches are of a great quality. This makes all the difference to the overall feel of the party, the safety of the children and the ease access for the parents.


5. Slick Management

Children’s football parties can spiral into rather big events…. a dozen kids, invites, food, timings, keeping everything controlled on the day and the overall party and fun experience is a pretty mammoth task! Thankfully, we have everything covered, and we’ve done this thousands of times. Our systems and processes are slick, so you never have to worry or stress about anything. Just turn up on the day and enjoy the party!


If you’d like to book a children’s football party, get in touch today and secure your date!

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